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Three pillars that put us aside from the rest

Education, accommodation, social help and support – these are the three basic pillars on which our work is based. We combine these three pillars to create an individual service package – and this is what makes the services we offer at Scientific Freshers so very special. And what puts us aside from the rest.

In our University Preparation Programme , we focus on education as being our core mission. We help young people from all over the world to gain access to German universities. This we do by ensuring they are suitably qualified and by continuing their education – not only from a knowledge point of view but also with respect to their language skills. Our educational work is accompanied by an attractive accommodation offer. We support our participants on the social side – through providing them with intercultural competence and by helping them to deal with administrative matters.

At our „Sprungbrett“ institute, social assistance is paramount. We help unaccompanied underage refugees to come to terms with what they have experienced, to master everyday life and to live as normal a life in Germany as possible. Apart from providing accommodation, we view education – particularly when it comes to learning the language – as a priority area and one on which to focus our work.

In everything we do, we are guided by the following values:


We want to offer our participants high-quality services. This is why we set ourselves such high standards – and check with a really critical eye whether we comply with these.


Through our work, we want to be able to provide people with better access to education and to help them to become socially integrated into the German system in the long term. They can trust us to support them professionally and provide them with all the help they need along the way.

Individuality and personality

For us, being in personal contact with people is important as this enables us to provide individual support to our programme participants and promote them accordingly. Everyone is different – and we tailor our support accordingly.